Looking for a way to get cheap train tickets? Then you need to get yourself a National Railcard. National Railcards offer you up to 1/3 discount on your train tickets, as well as giving you discounts and deals for popular attractions and days out when you travel by train.

There are six main Railcards that you can use to get cheap train tickets

  • 16-25 Railcard
  • Disabled Person’s Railcard
  • Senior Railcard
  • Two Together Railcard
  • Family & Friends Railcard

Most Railcards cost £30 for the whole year – that’s 365 days-worth of train ticket discounts – except the Disabled Persons Railcard, which costs just £20.

16-25 Railcard

The 16-25 Railcard – sometimes called the Student Railcard, or Young Persons Railcard – is a great way to keep travel costs down when you’re on a budget because, with one of these in your hand, you’ll get 1/3 off your train tickets.You can use this Railcard to get cheap train tickets for your journeys to work, university or college, as well as using it for any journeys you make in your own free time. You can even use it to get cheap train tickets when you travel First Class, making long journeys more comfortable. Whether you have an early morning lecture, or you’re rolling home in the wee hours after a night out, you can still apply your discount (A £12 minimum fare applies if you travel between 04:30 – 10:00 on weekdays). 

Disabled Person’s Railcard

The Disabled Persons Railcard gives 1/3 off all train travel, regardless of the time, to passengers with disabilities that make train travel difficult (e.g. needing help to get on or off a train). If you’re travelling with another adult, they can also benefit from cheap train tickets, as your Disabled Persons Railcard will give them 1/3 off their fare too.

A one-year Railcard costs just £20, but you can alternatively choose to buy a three-year Disabled Persons Railcard at a discounted price, much like the 16-25 Railcard.

You can apply for the Disabled Persons Railcard if you can prove that you either  – Have a visual or hearing impairment , Have epilepsy or Receive either PIP or DLA.

Senior Railcard

Passengers aged 60 and over can get their hands on cheap train tickets with a Senior Railcard. Just provide proof of your age when you buy this Railcard and you’ll get 1/3 off both Standard and First Class Anytime, Advance, and Off-Peak train tickets. It only costs £30 for the whole year, so after a handful of train journeys your Senior Railcard will have paid for itself.

Two Together Railcard

Together Railcard when you book, and you can get cheap train tickets to help keep your travel costs down. For £30 for the whole year, that’s just £15 each, you’ll get 1/3 off a number of different train journeys, no matter where you’re travelling in the UK.

As long as you travel together after 09:30 on weekdays, your Railcard will be valid for use. And, you can use it to get discounts at anytime on weekends and bank holidays. First Class train tickets and tickets for sleeper services are discounted when you use a Two Together Railcard as well, so long journeys can be made more comfortable without breaking the bank.

Family & Friends Railcard

You don’t have to actually be related to use the Family & Friends Railcard, but when you use one a group of up to four adults and four children can travel together and get cheap train tickets. Days out as a group don’t have to be expensive, just buy this Railcard for a one-off cost of £30 and you can instantly start saving money on your train tickets.

Adults get 1/3 off train travel and children get a 60% discount on their fares with a Family & Friends Railcard, which basically means the adults save even more, no matter the time or day of travel. Children are classed as being between ages 5-15. But, if your child looks older than 15, you might want to carry another form of ID with you.